Frequently Asked Questions

When does my AHSAA membership expire?

The easiest way to determine when your AHSAA membership expires is to look at the mailing label on your most recent AHSAA newsletter. There are either 2 or 3 numbers above your name. If there are 2 numbers, they are your graduation number and graduation year. If there are only 2 numbers, then you are not a current member of the AHSAA. Join If there are 3 numbers, the 3rd number is the year your membership expires.

I'm not a dues paying member and I used to recieve at least 1 AHSAA newsletter per year?

Up until 2010, even if you were not a dues paying AHSAA member, the AHSAA would to send everyone the 1st AHSAA newsletter of every year. Starting May 2010 the AHSAA discontinued sending newsletters to non-dues paying members.

"Keep your membership active, it saves the AHSAA time and effort", "The only way to recieve a current newsletter is to join",

How much is it to join or renew my AHSAA membership

For the first time in 20 years we raised the price of membership by $2 per year starting August 2012. Sorry about that, but you all know what postage rates used to be and what they are now. So here is the cost breakdown, the 3 year rate has a nice discount over the 1 year rate.

U.S. mailing address:
1 yr = $10.00   2 yrs = $18.00   3 yrs = $25.00

International mailing address:
1 yr = $20.00   2 yrs = $36.00   3 yrs = $50.00

How do I join the AHSAA and become a dues paying member?

Click here for the membership page.

How many newsletters will I receive if I am a member?

Current AHSAA members receive 3 newsletters each year they are a member. These newsletters are not posted on www.ahsalum.org for at least 3 to 5 years. The only way to recieve a current newsletter is to become a dues paying member. If you are not a member we would love to have you join.

Beware of many copycats that look similar to our site, don't be fooled, this is the only Official AHS Ames High School, Ames, Iowa Alumni Association web site. There are only two (2) official addresses for the AHS Alumni Assoication: www.ahsalum.org and www.ameshigh.org, any other sites are not affilated with Ames High School.

Hey! I haven't received any AHSAA newsletters for a long time?

If you are an AHS dues paying Alumni you will receive 3 newsletters per year in the mail. If not, then you will normally not recieve any mailings from the AHSAA. Let us know if you have moved.

It's sooooooo easy to let us know your current address, and only takes 2 minutes, 3 if you went to Welch (JUST KIDDING!!). Click here and email AHSAA your current mailing address, or you can send your updated mailing address to AHSAA 1801 Ridgewood Avenue (old address as of Sep 1 2022 was 1921 Ames High Drive), Ames, Iowa 50010. Be sure and tell us what year you graduated, your full name, and maiden name, and while your at it, your email address. If you have any AHS stories from the "good 'ol days" we like to hear those too, and some of them will make it into our newsletter.

My address is in care of my Parents and they forgot to give me my AHS class reunion info and I missed my reunion!! :-(

Hmmm... after all these years :-) we understand, your busy and you haven't updated your address since Ames High School days, and the newsletter and all reunion mailings are still being delivered % parents. Well its time, so check the label on your last newsletter, it should be your current address not a % (which means in care of).

AHSAA doesn't want %, and many of our mailing addresses are still %. We have a harder time keeping track of you if you have an in care of address, and your classmates will have a harder time getting AHS class reunion notices to you. If you are getting your newsletters in c/o your parents or another address and they move there is a high chance we will lose your address, and you will be on our lost list instead of getting that next reunion registration form. All reunions get Alumni address lists from the AHSAA. Its a free service we provide to reunion committees, and we are happy to do that. e-Mail your current address to us, or mail it.

My spouse and I are both AHS grads and are receiving two newsletters. Could you please just send one to both of us?

We appreciate that you want to concerve our precious resources, as much as I would love to do that, we are not able for a couple of reasons.

Since we are an all volunteer committee of only 6 people tracking 21,000 alumni, we can err easily. The good news is, we don' t bug you, newsletters are only sent to all dues-paying AHS Alumni.

Besides getting all the latest AHSAA news to you, one of the main reasons we send at least one newsletter to every AHSAA Alumni once per year, is to get back your forwarding address if you move and forget to inform us of your new location. I'm sure this would never happen to you, but with the divorce rate at 50% there is a chance we might lose some Alumni if we only send one mailing, and they each go their separate way.

Sorry about that, and I do get this request about 6 times per year, but we are all about keeping all the AHSAA records as accurate as possible for all Alumni, so we keep sending out to each and every one of our classmates once per year.

Who joins AHSAA?

Bill Ripp gave a short report on new and renewed memberships at the January 16, 2007 AHSAA monthly meeting. In the past 3 years 3,507 memberships have been recieved with an average of 1,169 memberships per year for the last 3 years.

3,507 AHSAA memberships 2004 - 2006 (by total memberships per year)

1,106 memberships total in 2006 (breakdown by AHS graduation years)

What percentage of each class joins the AHSAA

We can do much better. The AHSAA would like to see 30 to 40% membership from each class. If you are a member tell your classmates to support the AHSAA and recieve and read the newsletter. If you are not a member then join today. Thank you.