Three 1959 AHS Classmates

The following 2 photos were recently emailed to the AHSAA by Earl Holtz (AHS 1959). We thought you would enjoy them.     More AHS pictures
AHS Ames High School 1959 Breckenridge Colorado mini mini-reunion
Above left to right: Tommy Timm, Peggy (Lee) Koch and Earl Holtz all (AHS 1959) September 16, 2006, Breckenridge, Colorado.
AHS Ames High School 1959 mini-reunion of 3 classmates in Breckenridge CO all singing AHS Fight Song
Above left to right: Earl Holtz (standing in blue shirt on the left), Tommy Timm, and Peggy (Lee) Koch all (AHS 1959) singing the AHS Fight Song September 16, 2006, Breckenridge, Colorado.

At a recent Phi Delta Theta fraternity reunion in Breckenridge, Colorado, Earl Holtz, Peggy (Lee) Koch and Tommy Timm, all from the AHS class of 1959, won the high school fight song singing competition against groups from other high schools.

Copper Mountain, CO Forecast
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