Jeff Waters AHS 1975 Receiving Award

Joan Waters (AHS 1972) sent the following photo of her brother Jeff Waters (AHS 1975) receiving a top Navy award.     More AHS pictures Jeff Waters AHS 1975 receiving top Navy award
Dr. Etter, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition handing an award to Jeff Waters (AHS 1975).

The certificate says:

"Mr. Jeffry Waters is being recognized with the 2006 Department of the Navy Top Scientists and Engineers of the Year Award for leading the implementation and delivery of a web-based, real-time, shared situational awareness tool called Kweb. The success and reusability of this tool results from a design approach incorporating Mr. Waters' idea of combining spiral development of rapid software prototypes with early and continued customer involvement, and employment of the User-Centered Design approach put in place by human factors specialists on the team. Mr. Waters' approach of designing reusable, adaptable components based upon an open architecture and customized quickly for each new situation has resulted in a long series of successful C4I systems."

Joan M. Waters, Esq.
jmwabq (at)

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