AHS 1954 Class Reunion

Keith Covey AHS 1954 emailed this great photo of the AHS 1954 reunion held Oct 9 - 11, 2009. More AHS pictures. Back to 1954 Reunion

1954 AHS 55 year reunion photo taken September 2009. Photo by Robert Phillips Photography, Ames, Iowa



ROW ONE L to R: Karla Holst Renaud (KY), Janice Blair Wilson (IA), Vera Kauffman Swoboda (IA), Donna Wilson Stiegler (OH), Barbara Mc Laughlin Marr (IN), Marna Adams Stevens (MN), Mary Cattell Brown (IA). Barbara Teig Adams (IA), Jeanne Cooke Collins (CO), Katherine Wright Garland (VA), Mary Hosmer Shahan (IA)

ROW 2, L to R: Mary Jo Vivian (IA), Suzanne Clark Lunde (IA), Janet Skeie Nesbit (IA), Patricia Thompson Berhow (KY), Keith Ancel Covey (MN), Loraine Earls Safly (IA), Linda Nordyke Shortridge (IN), Shirley Nicholson Thornsberry (IA), Mary Ann Ahart Valley (MN), Marilyn Kyle Freel (IA), Patricia Deaton Kyle (IA), Duane Green (IA), Thomas Bilek (TX), Gary Fain (OK), Paul Lunde (IA), John Welden (IA), Marilyn Walsh Hegland (IA)

ROW 3, L TO R: Frank Judisch (IA), John (Jack) Steil (CA), Leverne Seversike (IA), Robert McCardle (SC), Dennis Rust (TX), Barron (Barry) Gulliver (MI), George McJimsey (IA), Donald Sprague (IA), Larry Larson (IA), David Everds (MN), Lawrence Kelley (CA), Michael Knuths (TX), Bruce Griffith (AR)

ATTENDED A FRIDAY EVENT: Jack Compton (IA), Joan Finch Bennett (TX), Jan Piper Jaqua (IA)
Note: State of residence follows name in ( )
Photo by Robert Phillips Photography, Ames, Iowa

The Ames High School Class of 1954 met in Ames, Boone, and Des Moines on October 9, 10 & 11, 2009

Keith Covey 1954 AHS Alumnus k c o v e y (at) rconnect.com

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