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30-year class reunion held Friday July 30 and Saturday July 31, 2004 - Archived Website.

Hello classmates, this is the original website for the 1974 AHS 30th class reunion held in 2004. We are maintaining this archived site very close to the way it was in 2004.

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The AHS Class of 1974 met Friday, July 31, 2004 at the Basil in Ames for the Ames High School Class of 1974 30-year reunion.

There were over 150 people registered to attend, however, many more graduates showed up at the door to help make the night a big success. It was great to see old friends and reminisce about our lives 30 years ago and what has happened since. Some of us did have to take a peek at a name tag or two, just to make sure we knew who we were talking with! The guys thought the girls had changed the most and the girls thought the guys had. Go figure. A few graduates were grandparents and others are new parents. What wonderful and fun lives we have.

On Saturday, July 31, 2004 more 30-year reunion activities and events took place.

Saturday A.M. golf outing at the Ames Golf and Country Club with several groups of graduates playing best ball. A good time was had by all. And that evening, a buffet dinner at Hickory Hall was attended by even more graduates along with a few spouses. There was a group picture taken by Pete Tekippe in Story City, you can still contact him if you missed out on ordering a picture. The dinner was delicious and the AHS class of 1974 proved they still know how to party. Mark Dekovic gave a presentation on the changes that have occurred since high school regarding the news media, the internet and having children along with a slide show of the 1974 seniors and sadly, those who are no longer with us. Dr. Farrar graciously accepted our invitation to attend and gave us a few words of his wisdom. A thank you was sent to the Farrar's today with our thanks and reassurance that we did actually listen to him,
In closing, the AHS fight song was played and some of us even remembered (most of) the words.

It's not too late to send in your Bio!

It is not too late to send in your bio! Check back soon for pictures from the reunion week end. And take a minute to access the feedback page. Let us hear from you, what are your ideas for our 40th reunion? This website will only be active through the end of this year (2004). See you soon in 2014 for the 40th, if not before! Imagine, some of us may be retired by then!!! Who would have thought?
Reunion Committee members were:

Ann (Kelso) Culver
Jim Gammon
Ed Hendrickson

Julie (Landon) Huisman
Catherine (Grant) Malliett
Greg Matters
Sharon (Heggen) Romsey
Brian Snider
Dan Strodtman
Carla (Tesdall) Troxel
Denise (Kepley) Wirth

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