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Jordays Say Hi AHS !
From Our Lodge Near Yellowstone National Park

To AHS Alumni

Letter from: Ron and Kyla (Reichardt) Jordan AHS 1969 Alumnni
Yellowstone Valley Inn

Thu Jun 15, 2006
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Dear AHS Alumni Association,
Greetings from Wyoming

Hi from Ron and Kyla (Reichardt) Jordan AHS 1969 Alumnni, from our lodge near Yellowstone Park. Thought we'd send you a quick update. We sold our businesses in Minnesota in 2004 and came to Wyoming on vacation and ended up buying the Yellowstone Valley Inn located in the beautiful Wapiti Valley between Cody, Wyoming and Yellowstone's east entrance.

For more info visit our web site


If you're coming west be sure to stop and see us. I've forwarded some pictures of our resort and RV park. Our best to all our friends in Ames

Ron and Kyla (Reichardt) Jordan AHS 1969 Alumnni

PS: Watch this very informative short 10 minute video of Ron Jordan 1969 AHS Alum, telling all his local knowledge about What to See and Do While Visiting Yellowstone National Park, Cody Wyoming, and the surrounding area.

Photos from Ron & Kyla: click each for a larger photo
Ron and Kyla (Reichardt) Jordan 1969 Ames High School Alum fishing in Wyoming Yellowstone Valley Inn. Only 90 minutes from Old Faithfull in Yellowstone National Park. owned by Ron and Kyla Jordan 1969 Ames High School Alums Panoramic of YVI Yellowstone Valley Inn which is only 32 minutes from Yellowstone National park and has
 Lodging Camping Swimming Pool Restaurant Bar Yellowstone Valley Inn view of the mountains image Yellowstone Valley Inn Fishing in Wyoming Yellowstone Valley Inn Bar. Only 32 minutes from Yellowstone National Park entrance Shoshone River in Wyoming   YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK WEATHER

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