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1988 AHS Alumna Beth Engen Mackey
2011 Fundraiser Benefit

To AHS Alumni Association

Letter from: Robin Tomlinson and friends of Beth Engen Mackey AHS 1988 Alumna
Nevada, Iowa

Wed Nov 2, 2011
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Dear AHS Alumni,

Beth Engen-Mackey 1988 AHS Alumna experienced a traumatic brain injury in August 2011, resulting in hospitalization from August through most of September 2011. We are friends of Beth's and have organized a committee to help her in any way that we can. We are asking for your help by joining us to raise funds to alleviate some of her stress and help her with expenses as she heals and recovers.

Beth owns a home in Nevada, Iowa, has a beautiful daughter attending Nevada High School and is a part of the Nevada Community.
Beth is employed by Kockler Accounting.

Donations may be sent anytime to: Bank of the West, 525 Main Street, Ames, Iowa 50010, attention: Beth Mackey Benefit.

A fundraiser/benefit was held at the Moose Lodge in Ames, Iowa on Saturday November 19, 2011 for Beth Engen Mackey 1988 AHS Alum.

Please click the following 2 thumbnail images below for more information for the Beth Engen Mackey 1988 AHS Alum fundraiser benefit.

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I would appreciate you including this information to help Beth in the next 2011 AHSAA newsletter and on the AHSAA website

Thank you so much,

Robin Tomlinson and other friends of AHS 1988 Alumna Beth Engen Mackey

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